Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Hardest Jail In Los Angeles, isn't it time that we have a serious debate about people in prison in the UK

Dear All

I like looking at lots of different stuff to get ideas, I found this prison video interesting, admittedly it is American but still worth a watch.

One of the things which I believe is long overdue is a good debate on prisons in the UK and who we lock up and why.

Is prison still functioning in the best interests of society?

Are prisoners getting released getting a fair chance of future?

Are there other ways to punish offenders which have better outcomes in rehabilitation?

I think these and other questions are worth hashing over, not in the interests of cash saved but in people being reclaimed for society.

Isn’t life to short to let anyone waste it.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University    

Monday, January 16, 2017

#Fakepolitics is just as bad as #fakenews: former Labour FM Jack McConnell says MSPs must put constituents above party loyalty; you have to ask why he believes that a culture needs to be created in the first place, Holyrood needs to remove the Holyrood list system and create 129 constituencies

Dear All

Holyrood is full of crap MSPs.

This revelation isn’t new, but it gets drowned out by the phoney politics exhibited in the place.

Just as people are waking up to the concept of #fakenews thrust on us by the media, the fakery also extends to politics.

A classic example of #fakepolitics is the campaign to save Glasgow Jobcentres from closure. The Labour Party for example knew 9 months ago that Anniesland Jobcentre was closing but kept quiet about it.

Any proof?

The application for turning the jobcentre into flats was submitted to Glasgow City Council, it had to be passed by Councillors.

9 months ago.

It is only now that that the political parties such as Scottish Labour, the SNP and the Scottish Greens are speaking up.

Why were they quiet in the past?

Are we to assume that that Glasgow Councillors didn’t pass this information onto MPs and MSPs? And if they did, why did they keep quiet?

The reason is simple; helping the poor is a low priority for Scotland’s political elite, unless there is mileage in running a campaign to dupe unemployed working class people into getting their votes.

I will not be ‘joining’ the campaign to stop Glasgow Jobcentre closures because the campaign is a con; its all ‘fake’ and nothing can be done about it.  If I was to campaign I would be just as big a fraud doing #fakepolitics as the rest of people promoting this farce.

If there is a campaign worth supporting it is the janitors’ campaign in Glasgow.

Janitors are fighting the Labour council ALEO Cordia which is effectively trying to screw them out of money and conditions. In the past I wasn’t a supporter of the ALEOs created by the Labour Council and I am still aren’t, councils should run public services and protect their staff. The reason they don’t is because of the poor state of Scottish politics and Holyrood in particular. The political elite always take the easy route to ‘save’ money and that is done by cutting staff and budgets under the lie of ‘savings’.

Holyrood is a major disappointment, it is as many people note full of third rate politicians who are little more than drones, they take the money and just sit there.

Jack McConnell was a former Labour First Minster, he lost the Scottish election in 2007, here is an interview which shows that Scottish Labour’s problems have existed for a rather long time, please watch both parts of the video.

And of course, the epic car crash of Jack McConnell interviewed by Bernard Ponsonby is also worth a watch.

The World spins on its axis and people get replaced but as we have seen not by better, Jack McConnell lost to the SNP rather badly, like many politicians; he didn’t keep an eye on the day job or a finger on the pulse of the people.

And paid the price!

Did Scottish Labour deserve to lose in 2007?

Yes; they did deserve to lose, and the trajectory of the party has kept declining downwards because the same type of people keep getting picked from the same group.

Jack McConnell says MSPs must put constituents above party loyalty.

For the avoidance of doubt, this will not happen in the SNP or in Scottish Labour; the Labour councillors aren’t going to support the workers against ALEO Cordia and neither the elected party members who are the Glasgow list Labour MSPs. If it is workers being treated badly by a Labour Council ALEO then elected representatives are all signed up to following group decisions whether they are right or wrong.

The Labour Councillors are wrong on the janitor situation just as they are wrong on the G51 Parking and the attempt to outsource IT facilities all of which is against the interests of the public.

If you want to speak out, you can in the Labour Group but you can’t do so publicly, it is the same in all parties. If I had been selected by Labour as a candidate, I wouldn’t be able to speak out about the Glasgow rail link project which is a turkey, I would have to keep my mouth shut and lump it.

As an independent, I don’t, I don’t support the attempt to get the failed Glasgow rail link project back on its feet, too costly and I don’t see a case to support it, other parts of the City plan for Glasgow I might support in the interests of jobs if the jobs are long term.

Jack McConnell says Holyrood needs radical reform to make sure the Scottish Government is held properly to account.

The important reform that is needed in Holyrood is an end to the list system which allows people not elected by the public to become a political representative; this is a disgrace that the general public cannot remove these people.

Jack McConnell always wants the committees to be given more power, you can argue the toss on the merits of that idea over the quality of the MSPs already there in place, more power to an idiot only makes a situation worse does it not?  

As to the idea of the parliamentary day should be more flexible, the current crop of MSPs fill their day up doing not an awful lot as it is.

The next point of backbenchers should be encouraged to give their first loyalty to the parliament and their constituents, not their parties.

This is bogus, it won’t happen and it cannot happen, MSPs sign up to follow group orders just as MPs and Councillors do.

Jack McConnell says he doesn’t support the idea of a second chamber at Holyrood or an increase in the number of MSPs. I would go along with those ideas at present, a second chamber would be filled with worse dross than currently sitting on the Holyrood benches, and there is no case to increase MSPs.

It seems that I do concur with Jack McConnell on the need for better MSPs when he stated:

“The solution is not more MSPs, its better MSPs, better procedures, hard work and proper scrutiny.”

Lord McConnell said: “There does need to be a check on the power of ministers and the government. I believed that as first minister and I proposed changes then.

“I believe, if anything, the evidence has grown and strengthened that case over the last 15 years. The immediate thing to do is to strengthen the role of the backbench MSP and create a culture where they know they are there to represent their constituents."

Finally, please watch the videos which I have listed because it shows a symptom of what Scottish Labour’s problems are, people proposing changes and when questioned don’t know what they are talking about because they electioneering not developing policy.

As Bernard Ponsonby said:

“The answer is you don’t know”!

If you asked Jack McConnell how his idea of how to create a culture where MSPs know they are there to represent their constituents, you have to ask why a culture needs to be created in the first place.

Isn’t that what they were supposed to be doing all along?

The most important reform to Holyrood is the removal of the list system and the creation of 129 constituencies.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, January 9, 2017

UK Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell calls for 'radical federal UK', this policy could be another poisoned chalice for the Labour Party as it attempts to shift ground on union, Scotland isn’t in a position to embrace federalism due to the poor economic state of its finances, this could blow up in Jeremy Corbyn’s face and see Labour out of power for decades

Dear All

Some time ago, I was talking about federalism coming down the pipeline, this is supposed to ‘cure’ Nationalism and save the Union.

If you think back to my post last written in Nov 2016, you will see how I touched on the Constitutional question.

A part of that post:

“Alex Rowley, her deputy believes Labour should back home rule rather than just opposing independence, the only game in town isn’t called ‘home rule’, it is called Federalism, and it maybe a bandwagon which Kezia Dugdale maybe forced to move onto in a highly public fashion. Federalism isn’t plain sailing, just as the Scottish football team isn’t geared up to win, neither is Scotland geared up to accept Federalism under its current financial position, we don’t pay our way, and the idea of cuts to an already failing system isn’t a vote winner”.

Kezia Dugdale as I predicted was forced to move onto Federalism as her speech in London later was to show.

One of the groups driving for a Federal Uk is the Constitutional Reform Group, if you have the time, you should have a look at their website.

So, how long did I know that the winds of change were blowing Federal?

Quite some time, in fact six months ago, I was making up a video for what I think is needed in Scotland. 

When you click on the youtube link, you see an intro for a party that doesn’t exist but might in the future, a centre right Federal Party of Scotland. In theory federalism could work if the country was setup right. 

In my post of Nov 2016, I highlighted also that there are dangers if the federal route is gone down, dangers for the Labour Party in Scotland but also for the SNP, Scotland isn’t geared up to be in a Federal UK. The nub is cash, we don’t pay our way, and the country isn’t as I mentioned above set up either and I don’t the public is on board with the concept either.

The Labour Party is in the UK is in a mess, Scotland has been lost; the leadership down South are facing an uphill struggle to connect with the people. Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t the support of his MPs and never will unless there is a big replacement, and even Labour voters think the Conservative PM would do a better job of governing the UK.
Lots and lots of problems!

I have to say that in the mist of chaos that Labour MP John McDonnell comes swanning along and calls for a 'radical federal UK' as Labour shifts ground. The surprise is that the ground under Labour is solid enough to go on adventures. The Constitutional settlement isn’t why Scots abandoned the Labour Party, the reason is quite simple, the Labour Party failed to protect and serve the working class people.

If there is a federal UK, you might to wait a rather long time before you see the Labour Party become the government of the UK again.

UK Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell said:

“I believe there is immense potential in developing a radical federal structure [for the UK].”

To be absolutely clear, the people of Scotland who voted Labour but switched to the SNP wouldn’t be coming back because the Labour Party stuck a federal carrot on the table; the problems of why they were rejected still exists. And another thing, the team at Holyrood isn’t seen as having the best or the brightest in the Labour Party in Scotland.

Third rate is how many describe some of them and that’s being kind about it.

If the Labour Party tries to ram through federalism, they would have to have a referendum, and there is no guarantee that they would win it, the Unionist vote that transcends party politics wouldn’t be up for it and the SNP are making noises like they aren’t keen either.

So, what is the problem for the SNP?

Lack of money and having to take responsibility for what might be a poisoned chalice whoever sups from it.

The big thing to note at present is that the people of Scotland aren’t calling for federalism.

Former London mayor Ken Livingstone said he was "certain" Labour under Corbyn would embrace federalism. Given that Labour need Scottish MPs to form a UK government, you have to wonder if this idea will turn the Labour Party into a candidate for political suicide, after all many English Conservatives see federalism as a way to rig the vote towards continuous Conservative government.

The Labour alternative to both Scottish independence and the status quo of the Union could see the party plunged into a cycle of defeat which could be incredibly hard to break away from in my opinion. In politics, certain things have a time and place; federalism isn’t the Golden Fleece for Labour.

The best know supporters of Federalism as a policy are the Lib Dems at UK level, they haven’t made any headway with the public on their quest.

When Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale backed federalism in a major speech in London last month, she said the UK needed “a new political settlement” to stop an erratic and uneven distribution of power between its regions and nations.

I doubt that Kezia Dugdale will be at the helm of Scottish Labour to deliver federalism because I doubt that Scottish Labour and the party in the rest of the UK are further away from power than they have ever been in their history.

Only the Conservatives are in a position to deliver federalism but this will not be happening anytime soon under Theresa May as Prime Minister.  UK Labour's national elections coordinator Jon Trickett is said to be examining a radical policy package for the party at Westminster to deliver a federal British state if it wins the 2020 General Election.

He need not bother, the Conservatives are going to win the next UK General Election provided that they deliver Brexit in full and don’t attempt to fudge the issue; but let’s be clear; the Labour Party in 2020 will not be the majority party at Westminster. Jeremy Corbyn has already lost that with his support for freedom of movement.

Some parties seem hell bent on destruction, the idea may or may not have merit but the timing is wrong, the policy is wrong and there are too many dangers. Clearly there needs to be more devolution on domestic matters such as a devolved Scottish DWP to address injustice but a country like Scotland would cope badly in a federal set up unless there was additional support such as a Barnett Formula in place.

Federalism poses real dangers for the Labour Party getting back Scottish seats at Westminster, the significance of a Scottish MP already shut out by English votes for English Laws would raise the question does having 59 Scottish MPs at Westminster justify the cost given their massive reduced work load?

MPs would be reduced to the status of MEPS, everyone know they exist but the question of what good are they doing at Westminster flags up when they are effectively reduced to only commenting on foreign affairs and defence.

Ken Livingstone said:

“I've advanced the devolution approach all my political career. If you'd had north east and north west regional parliaments or assemblies they would have got massive investment. So federalism absolutely. We need it as people in regions in all parts of the UK are being excluded by little elites."

Every journey has a start and a destination, however if the Labour Party set the Federal train rolling, they might not like the destination and it could end up a train wreck for them.

Now is not the time to consider federalism, and Labour should reframe from playing politics with the constitution, the people aren’t calling for this at all.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Scottish Tories have decided to ‘park’ their tanks on Glasgow Labour’s lawn as the Labour Party stare defeat in the face as voters desert them in the upcoming City Council elections of 2017, one Conservative source thinks that 5 or 6 seat gain is possible, the jury is still out on that prediction

Dear All

Sometime ago I was speaking to a Conservative Candidate about the Glasgow City Council election of 2017, he was of the opinion that the Glasgow Tories could see their fortunes improve by getting 5 or 6 seats.

The sole Tory Councillor in Glasgow is David Meikle, he is the Cllr in Ward 6 which is Pollokshields, he is also the husband of the disgraced Natalie McGarry who I have blogged about in the past.

Due to a boundary change, where I live has been put into Ward 6 which is a 3 member Ward in the City, which breaks down to one Labour, one Tory and one SNP. I met many Tories while out campaigning for Brexit and even encouraged a few of them to stand for council.

Glasgow needs political diversity in candidates and more importantly councillors which I hope to be if the people of Pollok will trust me enough to give me their vote. I know that I will do a good job representing the people because I wouldn’t even consider doing this job to be average.

Scotland’s Tories have a problem, they have benefited from Labour’s failure to represent the people, and they benefited from Labour’s failure to be a strong voice for the United Kingdom. At present, there is a lot of appeasement mooted as a solution to Scottish Labour’s problems such as calls for home rule and federalism.

Both of these ‘solutions’ are limited to a small section of Scottish Labour and not even a talking point with the general public.

While the civil war in the Labour Party rages, this creates opportunities for people and parties, the Tories played a blinder when Kezia Dugdale dropped the ball and said she could see herself voting for independence, having lost core Labour voters who switched to the SNP, she also lost core Labour voters who voted Conservative as the main opposition to the SNP.

When you see headlines that Scottish Labour is on 15% of the vote for the upcoming council election, you cannot be surprised by this, I know I am certainly not. People like to be associated with success, but Scottish Labour has lost the public’s votes and goodwill, they have lost people as activists and they have also lost people willing to donate.

The Glasgow Tories may indeed pick up seats but it won’t be plain sailing, the Tories in Scotland is still have a problem, decisions made down south impact on Glaswegians and the revival of fortunes still looks a bit shaky in my opinion. The best chance of gains are in wealthier areas of the city of Glasgow, places like Castlemilk, Pollok, Govan, Drumchapel, Possil or Calton wouldn’t even get the Tories a look in never mind getting heard.

Deprived areas aren’t a happy hunting ground for the Glasgow Tories.

As Scottish Labour fall, the Scottish Tories see opportunity, which is why they have decided to plant their flag and hold a Conference in Glasgow. The gathering is scheduled at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in early March, deep in the heart of the campaigning season.

If is entirely possible that Glasgow Tories could get more seats if they play the Unionist card but things are a bit up in the air politically.

One thing which will not be happening is that I will not voting Conservative in May 2017; this is nothing to do with political beliefs but everything to do with the Conservative Candidate David Meikle.

During Brexit, I met a young man from the Conservatives called Robert Connelly, he was a hard worker and keen, what some people call a ‘Tenement Tory’, I would like to see him get elected and given a chance to prove himself to the people of Glasgow.

Any increase above one will be seen as a victory for the Glasgow Tories, but the real acid test is Westminster and Holyrood, and beyond the list unless this nut is cracked, the hard slog will continue for the Scottish Tories.

To make a breakthrough, the Scottish Tories need to say to Westminster Tories a simple word on certain policies……. No!

I don't think I have ever heard Ruth Davidson stand up and say no and get things changed, which doesn't make her position or her party's position as secure as they think. It is quite easy to be banished into the wilderness for another 36 years.

Sadly for them, going along to get along is a dangerous tactic which down the line will backfire and why ‘progress’ will be painful slow, and if a new centre party appears could see the gains given on loan going backwards.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University   

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Nasty and Cheap, Tawdry Nicola Sturgeon’s election bribe of ‘baby boxes’ at £100 a pop can’t blind people to the truth, the SNP have failed working class Scottish kids at every turn, Nicola Sturgeon has pulled up the ladder of social mobility via education to attempt to create a ‘dumbed-down’ Scottish electorate who accept crumbs

Dear All

If you are working class and you live in Scotland, you can be fairly sure that Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish National Party have failed you and your family.

Nicola Sturgeon has failed to provide kids with a decent education.

Nicola Sturgeon has failed to provide and manage the Scottish NHS properly.

Nicola Sturgeon has failed to provide and mange the transport system properly?

Why all the failure?

Nicola Sturgeon isn’t a leader of men, she is a totally shallow hollow woman who is entirely vacuous, inept, fake and insincere, a con merchant.

Sturgeon is pulling up the ladder of social mobility to ensure that working class Scots kids don’t get what they need to succeed in life. She robbed the working class of their legal right to buy their own council home. Sturgeon failed to radically end discrimination in higher and further education, instead the SNP talked about lowering standards, a sure way to guarantee failure.

So, who does the discrimination in higher and further education?

Why doesn’t Nicola Sturgeon name and shame these people instead of trying to present herself as someone who is ‘rigging’ the system on behalf of the poor?

It is because, it is all an act, an act to be seen to be doing something while at the same time doing nothing, the people who discriminate against the poor don’t even get mentioned by her or by anyone in her party.

Back in 2016, I was busy scribbling away on the use of “gimmicks” to get votes, in a few posts; I highlighted the SNP using the plight of food banks. The food bank gimmick didn’t last long; it ended more or less straight after the Westminster 2015 campaign.

The poor never to be heard of again till the SNP wanted their votes at the next election; you might have caught the dreadful Mhairi Black grandstanding in the House of Commons highlighting the plight of the poor. She was standing up making speeches, but did you notice that she wasn’t really asking questions?

Why is this important?

It is important because it shows that her ‘concern’ is about as fake as her ability to be a serious politician, all she was doing was running with the theme ‘Tories bad for Scotland’. But the bottom line is that the Tories and the SNP have climbed into bed together under Nicola Sturgeon just like they climbed into bed with Alex Salmond.

Poor working class Scottish kids are being denied a future, having ‘dumbed-down’ society which created problems, their solution was immigration, so not only did the SNP not want working class Scots to be educated, the few that managed to even get through couldn’t get a job. They call that diversity but that type of ‘diversity’ doesn’t affect their live chances!  

The new gimmick on the block to ‘buy’ the vote for the May 2017 election is Nicola Sturgeon’s baby box, costing the taxpayer £6 million, this is a pointless gimmick. Sturgeon and co obviously think that giving a woman a £100 ‘baby box’ is a cheap way to buy votes and good PR for Sturgeon.

The SNP like to paint Nicola Sturgeon as a ‘caring’ individual, this is a stage managed PR illusion, if you go online you can see countless pictures of Sturgeon, the hatred burning in her eyes when she gets caught off guard and the mask slips.

The ‘baby box’ is a crude pathetic attempt to buy the vote, but we should remember also what this is, this is middle class welfare-ism, the poor aren’t getting special treatment, the rich also are given the ‘baby box’ regardless of how wealthy they are.

Does £100 make up for Nicola Sturgeon cutting college places and it becoming harder for the poorest in society to get higher and further education?

In 2014, something happened that Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon weren’t expecting, Scotland said no to independence, that campaign which ran for two years was a hateful event run by Nationalists and their ’allies’ which resulted in a massive no vote. Although the SNP had garnered the disenfranchised in society, they had lied and lied; through-out their campaign taking everyone for a mug!

The disenfranchised in society who had been abandoned by Scottish Labour went on to use the SNP as a protest vehicle hence we had the Scottish Labour Party wiped out in 2015 and 2016. Scottish Labour for decades had been in decline; their leadership had nothing to offer the people of Scotland, and had even failed to be good representatives for the people at Westminster. The most common comment I hear about Scottish Labour is that they are finished as a political force.

The ineffectual way that the Scottish Labour Party operate has allowed the SNP free rein and dumbed-down Scottish politics, this allowed the SNP to abandon the ‘day job’ and do populist meaningless policies like middle class welfare-ism all at the taxpayer’s expense.

There are no radical or interesting policies by the SNP, there are no defining legislation being produced, the Holyrood Parliament is cluttered up with a full programme of meaningless ‘tat’. Donald Dewar has a statue in Glasgow, it has the words, ‘there shall be a Scottish Parliament’, the vision might have been bold; the reality is a student union talking shop.

The carrot of a ‘baby box’ is on offer if the SNP win in May’s Holyrood elections, this raises the question, why do people have to vote SNP for a ‘baby box’ if it is as Nicola Sturgeon says a measure to “help tackle child poverty and improve the chances of some of our most deprived children.”

Isn’t there a need now Nicola?
The truth is that this is a political stunt, a few nappies and sleeping in a box isn’t going to tackle child poverty nor will it improve the chances of our most deprived children.

Only a radical restructure of higher and further education will do that, the removal of people who discriminate against the poor by putting up barriers for access, quotas introduced so that universities have produce or face cuts to their budgets. The transformation of primary and secondary education so that extra help is provided for working class kids who cannot afford the private tutors rich kids can access so easily due to their parents wealth.

Poor people are always last in the queue when it comes to help from politicians, this can be seen not just in Scotland but right across Europe as people power awakens in real time and with numbers. The Scottish system has failed Scots and it will continue to fail as long as politicians keep failing to talk about who are the people caused this discrimination, it isn’t confined to one university; it is rampant through-out education.

The ‘baby box’ is as many people say just a cheap political gimmick, it is middle class welfare-ism dressed up as ‘help’ when in fact it is nothing more than a tawdry election bribe.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Labour Party can’t do any deals with Nicola Sturgeon or the SNP, the road back to power maybe a long time away, but deals with the SNP totally undermine Scottish Labour and leave a UK Labour Government a hostage to fortune and the nationalist’s whims, Ed Miliband found out the hard way that appeasement doesn’t work

Dear All

Happy New Year 2017, hope you had a nice time and everything went well.

I was in two minds whether or not to fire up a blog post today since earlier I was at a funeral, my friend’s dad. It was a sombre time as my friend’s mum had passed away a week before his dad died. It was a small gathering but I wanted to go to show support for the family at what is a difficult time.

Mr. William Brown was a joiner; I had known him in passing since early 1980’s when I used to go to Bellahouston Sports Centre to do karate with his son.

A nice guy, old time Labour voter!

My last post of 2016 was on Scottish Labour which is in a real mess, at present there are elections on the go to the Scottish Executive Committee, I wouldn’t be voting as I am no longer a member but a candidate for the Pollok Ward in Glasgow. I purchased my first election materials for the campaign……. Whoopee!

Anyway let’s talk turkey, the Scottish Labour Party are between a rock and hard place, the Scottish Party have been wiped out at Westminster, in order to make a comeback, they need to change substantially, better leaders, better candidates and better policies.

Someone who has a vision who unities the Corbyn left with the Blairite faction; not an easy task, easier to drawn up policy than pull off that trick in my opinion. If the Labour Party down south work with the SNP, they are cutting their own throats politically, the reality of life is that you cannot work with the SNP.

The Fabian Society who I don’t trust as far as I could throw them says that Labour has no prospect of winning the next general election outright, and should consider an alliance with other parties.

Well, they got that part right on there being no prospect of winning the next general election outright, Jeremy Corbyn’s stance on immigration killed that stone dead when he said he wants to keep freedom of movement. Jeremy Corbyn is better on domestic policy than he is on foreign affairs. An alliance with the SNP is the road to disaster as the outcome is already written; the SNP would attempt to hold any Labour Government hostage.

Scottish Labour needs to solve its own problems, and as the collapse continues, you cannot help feel that 2017 will see them wiped off the face of the earth, and also in the next two elections for Westminster and Holyrood.

No one wants to work for the Scottish Labour Party.

The basic problem with the Scottish Labour Party is leadership, everything else wrong is basically held up by this flaw. Fundamentally the party doesn’t know how to campaign, the activist base isn’t knowledgeable and the party structures aren’t dynamic. There have been some ideas, the social media and Leaders classes but all this will be for nothing unless those who go through these courses can plan and think better.

People get awfully sick of being just used to deliver leaflets or the dreadful way that canvassing is carried out in the party.

The Fabian Society is nothing more than a think tank for the Blair mob; their basic idea like Blair is to hold the centre-ground of British politics, and to appeal to those who voted both Leave and Remain on Brexit. The Blair crowd playing to the crowd on immigration to cosy up to the Lave camp is pitiful, let’s get it right, these people didn’t give a toss for immigration control in past, now the winds of change have happened, they suddenly get it?

The idea of a grand collation which see Labour, the SNP and the Lib Dems as partners is an acceptance of Scotland being lost for the Labour Party. The wipe out for the Westminster MPs to be replaced by the SNP was always on the cards, 2014, gave people the notion to say to Scottish Labour that they have failed.

What did Scottish Labour do?

It didn’t listen, Jim Murphy started off his 2015 campaign with the biggest ‘social justice’ issue of our time, the Fitba Act.

He then followed up that success with, you guessed it; get a drink at a football match! My blog post of Feb 2015 was written after a few weeks of sitting fuming at the contempt that Scottish Labour had held the public in. There was Scottish Labour thinking the public was ‘daft bastards’ and the public decided to put them out on the street.

My opinion at the time and which I still hold was serves them right, it didn’t matter that trash got in like Natalie McGarry, what was important that a lesson was taught, and the more painful the better.

Did Scottish Labour learn from that?


2016, back to the polls, and more fitba sh*t, if it didn’t work the first time, which led to the biggest defeat in Scottish Labour history why did anyone think it would work second time around?

The Fabian Society in my opinion by its intervention wants to undermine Corbyn, if he doesn’t change he will kill off his chances anyway for remaining leader, you know that the Blair crowd are keen to get rid of him. Like Scottish Labour, they think failed ideas work second time round, they don’t.

Before the 2015 general election, Nicola Sturgeon offered to help put Ed Miliband into Downing Street. The Labour Party sat on the fence and when it was too late and they had killed off any chance of winning, they came out against the SNP idea.

Too little too late to save the election!

The Tories played a blinder saying that the Labour Party would have to dance to the SNP’s tune and produced billboard posters of the then Labour leader in Alex Salmond’s pocket.

It worked; the Tories were smart enough to recognise people’s fear.

Labour MSP Anas Sarwar said talk of a progressive alliance with the SNP was “laughable” but as an MSP, he doesn’t speak for Corbyn but I doubt that Corbyn or his advisors are so stupid as to cosy up to Nicola Sturgeon. Nicola Sturgeon has overplayed her hand on Scottish independence; she has literally nowhere to go.

Labour MSP Anas Sarwar said:

“The SNP is not a progressive party. There have been no redistributive polices from the SNP in government. Under the SNP, Tory austerity is simply being passed on in Scotland, with the Nationalists planning a £327million cut to valued local services in 2017. There is also nothing progressive about seeking to break away from the rest of the UK - our biggest trading partner. The SNP doesn’t want an alliance with Labour – it hates the Labour Party and believes its destruction and continuation of Tory government in Westminster is the route to independence. People across the UK should spend less time focusing on Nicola Sturgeon’s grandstanding and look at what is actually happening in Scotland and the SNP’s record in government.”

The key point of his statement is the SNP hates the Labour Party. This is because both of them are fishing in the same pond for the same fish, the working class vote, Sturgeon’s problem is that time is against her, yes, incompetence does take its toll so the drip drip effect applies here. The trouble for voters is who to jump to as a credible opposition, the Tories gained Labour voters because of the Union but that is a temp measure for them, the vote is in flux.

Of Scottish Labour’s problems, Anas Sarwar said:

"It's a serious warning and quite rightly the Fabian Society say the roots of Labour's problem pre-date Jeremy Corbyn. These are big challenges for Labour but I do not see the answer to Labour's challenge as being to team up with the Liberal Democrats, the Greens and a rag-bag of other parties."

The solution is that Scottish Labour needs a Nye Bevan moment.

In past there were Labour Politicians who stood not just on the Scottish domestic stage but also on the World stage, at present there isn’t anyone who can fit that description, what we get is a series on populist ‘tat’ shovelled out as being meaningful but in reality instantly forgotten.

The Labour Party allowed Scottish Labour to chart their own course and then the party collapsed in Scotland.

There are no deals as Anas Sarwar says to be done with the SNP at Westminster or indeed anywhere else, maybe Kezia Dugdale better start to bring forward more ideas to reform the way the Labour Party operates and get people who want to deliver for the people. And the sooner she gets in gear the better, the momentum crowd want rid of her asap….

Never a dull moment in Scottish Labour, I imagine that panic is running wild in Glasgow City Chambers as the council election approaches.

To show how bad the problems in the Labour Party are; Jeremy Corbyn apparently doesn't consult Tom Watson on strategy decisions according to Watson, I wouldn’t either in Corbyn’s position, not even the time of day would he get out of me after his carry on.

Finally vote George Laird for Glasgow Pollok 2017, the real alternative voice for the people of Pollok.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University